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We Need Club Managers in Major Cities to Open Investment Clubs

Posted by Daniel Nase, MBA

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Jun 25, 2014 5:23:00 AM


Want to own your own business? Yes, I mean a real business in your name where you build equity for yourself and your family. Our corporation pays 1/3 of the company's profit to Club Managers. What does that mean? Imagine receiving 4-8% per year on all funds under management for your club. Stock brokers only make 1% per year. No, you don't need a securities license to operate an investment club. There are a bunch of laws you need to follow like keeping your club under 100 members and 25M, but it's not that hard because we handle most of the difficult stuff like the taxes, appraisals, and the actual investing in many different things to keep returns high even in years when real estate is not doing well.

So lets say your friend Joe is 45-55 and not really happy with losing money in his 401k, or just not making what he would like to make; you give him a great opportunity to become a member of your investment club. He does a rollover of 100k. Now Joe is making about 27-30% and you're making 4-8k per year for helping your friend. Divide that amount by 12 to figure out your monthly pay. As Joe's account grows, so does your income. In fact Joe's account is likely to double in value every 2-4 years. Now multiply that amount by 10 members and 100 members to put things into perspective.

Running an investment club is a part time business with full time pay. You have very little expenses except for advertising until you have 100 people in your club. Now take that net yearly income and multiply that amount by 6. That's the value of your company if you want to sell it to another business person or club member. Legally this allows you to open another club and do it again. So here's a breakdown for people that like to see actual numbers.

100k X 5% = 5k per year X 100 members = 500k X 6 = 3M

How do you find someone with enough money to buy your club? You're better off selling it to someone else over a 10 year period with an adjustment for inflation. At the end of ten years you've received the full amount and the person received about half for doing all the work of taking care of your members. Most likely you've repeated this process ten times by now and achieved your dreams.

It's not that we want to entice you with money, but we feel it's very important that you know that we intend to help you thrive both financially and in business. In 30 years we want to make more millionaires than Microsoft or any other company, and do it in a way that has a very positive impact on the community. Imagine all of the people who won't be depending on Social Security, CD's and Mutual Funds because you made it your mission to help them save money, payoff all their debt, build wealth, and give back to the community.

People are really unprepared. For example, you will need about 6.7 times your desired annual income to retire today. This includes you and your spouse if you're married, and assumes that you can make a mimimum of 15% each year with no losses. Try doing that on your own... On top of that an investor isn't a person that fixes toilets, deals with tenants, employees, contractors, underwriters at banks, etc. according to Rich Dad. They get to enjoy their time and watch their money grow.

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