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Debt Snowball Calculator - The Most Effective Way to Become Debt Free

Posted by Daniel Nase, MBA

Jun 15, 2014 2:48:00 AM

The Debt Snowball Calculator is a wonderful tool for helping people become debt free. Each one of us is likely to incur debt at some point in our life. It is even probable that circumstances compel us to get indebted a great deal.The scenario becomes even worse when that debt is accompanied with an exorbitant  interest rate. In such situations worrying until your hair is gray is not much help. The most effective strategy we know of is the debt snowball. There are actually two methods of using the debt snowball calculator: focusing on the smallest debt or the highest interest rate. In a side by side comparision, people succeeded more often by paying off the smallest debt because they stayed motivated. However, paying off the highest interest debt using the same concept actually paid off the debt faster.

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