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Private Placement Memorandum

Posted by Daniel Nase, MBA

Jun 3, 2014 11:06:00 PM

Private Placement Memorandum Example

Name of Offeree                                            Copy Number
First and Last Name                                      1


BIC Real Estate Development Corporation
Up to 100,000,000 Shares of Common Stock at $10.00 per share
Maximum Offering - 49,000,000 Shares
Minimum Offering – 10,000 Shares
Minimum Purchase Per Investor – 1 Shares

First and Last Name

This Confidential Private Placement Memorandum (the "Memorandum") has been prepared in connection with an offering (the "Offering") of up to 100,000,000 shares of Common Stock, $10.00 par value (the "Shares") of BIC Real Estate Development Corporation (the "Company"). The minimum offering amount is 10,000 ("Minimum Offering Amount"), and the maximum offering amount is 49,000,000 ("Maximum Offering Amount"). The minimum purchase per investor is 1 shares, or $10.00. Officers and directors of the Company will make offers and sales of the Shares; however, the Company retains the right to utilize any broker-dealers registered with the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. ("NASD") and applicable
state securities authorities to sell all or any portion of the Shares. If the Company so elects, it may pay such broker-dealers a commission in the amount of up to 10% and a non-accountable expense allowance of up to 3% of the proceeds they have sold. Offers and sales of the Shares will be made only to "Accredited Investors" as such term is defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Act"), which includes the Company's officers, directors and affiliates.

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