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Debt Snowball Calculator - The Most Effective Way to Become Debt Free

Posted by Daniel Nase, MBA

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Jun 15, 2014 2:48:00 AM


The Debt Snowball Calculator is a wonderful tool for helping people become debt free. Each one of us is likely to incur debt at some point in our life. It is even probable that circumstances compel us to get indebted a great deal.The scenario becomes even worse when that debt is accompanied with an exorbitant  interest rate. In such situations worrying until your hair is gray is not much help. The most effective strategy we know of is the debt snowball. There are actually two methods of using the debt snowball calculator: focusing on the smallest debt or the highest interest rate. In a side by side comparision, people succeeded more often by paying off the smallest debt because they stayed motivated. However, paying off the highest interest debt using the same concept actually paid off the debt faster.

How Does The Debt Snowball Calculator Work?

Imagine a snowball rolling down hill getting bigger, gaining momentum, and wiping out your debts. The first step is to save money. We have a lot of useful tools to help you save money every month like trading cable for Hulu and Netflix, cancelling your home phone if you have a cell phone, avoiding Starbucks, eating cereal for lunch, etc. Once you have some extra money to contribute to paying of your debt every month, start paying off the smallest amount, moving on to the bigger ones and eventually you’ll realize someday that all of your debts have been paid off successfully. We actuall do have a great calculator and we'd be happy to send it to you. Just request information below.

Step By Step Procedure

Before embarking on this debt reduction journey, you need to navigate your course carefully i.e. you need to get your family on the same mission. Here are the steps to paying off all of your debt.

  •        Compile all your debts and jot them down in an ascending order, ranging from the smallest to the largest.
  •        Continue making all of your minimum payments.
  •        Pay off the smallest debt with the money you saved and roll the payment to the next smallest debt.
  •        Continue repeating this process until all the debts are paid off.
  •        What happens is that by the time the larger and final debts approach, the extra amount paid also increases substantially, in relation to the final debts, like a snowball getting larger when it rolls downhill.

Effect Of Debt Snowball Calculator On Psychology

The effect this method has is very important, because setting and achieving goals helps you relieve stress. It gives a sense of satisfaction when your short term goals are achieved, letting you know that at least some of your burden is being cast aside and eventually the whole of it will be lifted off. Ultimately, this causes people to be less afraid of their finances, start investing for their future, and become better at saving money.

The Problem Of Setting Savings Aside For Retirement.

A general argument posed against this strategy is whether it makes allowances for certain after retirement savings to be set aside or not. Different actions can be observed to counter this problem. Some critics suggest that while you are acting upon this strategy, you ought to put a halt to retirement contributions so that more money is available for paying off debts while some argue that retirement contributions are equally important and should be kept side by side. Generally speaking, people should not stop investing 12-15% of their paycheck toward retirement. There are many cases where the net return on your investments exceed the interest you pay on your debts, so you should always invest to create additional income.

Why Choose This Strategy?

The debt snowball is the most effective strategy to paying off all your debt. The concept is simple, but not easy to follow through unless you already have a good amount of disposable income or have no problem adjusting your spending habits. The reason it's difficult is human behavior. Many people have a hard time saving money. Please request more information below and we will show you where to find the best debt snowball calculator and a helpful worksheet to save money.

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