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Los Angeles Real Estate Investment Club Financial Benefits

Posted by Daniel Nase

Apr 29, 2014 7:19:00 PM

divinvest dividend investment

We initially created Los Angeles Investment Club to help our families invest wisely and make investing in real estate easy. We offer a guarantee of principle, a minimum return of 15%, and higher returns than most investment groups of 21% to 33%. Typical investment groups only pay 10% with no guarantees or insurance. Here are some of the many great benefits that we offer:

  • 100% liquidity of your money,
  • no penalties or fees for cashing out,
  • 4M in umbrella insurance and 1M per property
  • compound interest or a monthly check,
  • complete transparency with our deeds and balance sheets,
  • we invest locally so it's easy to see what you're investing in,
  • excellent diversification through many houses and notes,
  • help with using the debt snowball calculator to pay off all your debt
  • free education about saving money and investing to help you become financial independent,
  • someone is always available between 10-6 pm Monday through Friday to answer questions,

and the ability to rollover retirement funds from just about any type of retirement account to a new Self Directed IRA with no tax penalties. For non-retirement funds our corporation pays out qualified dividends which are normally taxed at 15% instead of 30% to 50% like regular income. You don't have to worry about paying capital gains, since all the income is paid out in dividends.

You're welcome to call us anytime at 661-847-9607 or


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