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Posted by Daniel Nase

Apr 16, 2014 1:09:00 AM

Los Angeles Real Estate is definitely an eye opener. Many people want to invest in rental properties or flips, but it can be difficult in major cities since prices are higher. Plus you may not be able to get enough rent each month to cover your mortgage payment, and when the going gets tough you may seriously have to reconsider your idea to build wealth in real estate that has negative cash flow. Financially speaking you know that's not wise. So maybe investing in Los Angeles isn't the best idea, but that doesn't mean investing in real estate isn't the best way to create financial freedom and wealth for your family. Now you start reading articles of great returns in other cities outside of Los Angeles. Cities like Bakersfield and Las Vegas seem to constantly show up. Las Vegas is the best known because it's big and people love Vegas for it's entertainment and great food.

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So why Bakersfield? Bakersfield real estate has been #1 on and off with Las Vegas for the last 10 years, because the gap between the rents and mortgages are bigger than anywhere else on the average. This is because the home prices are relatively low. Plus Bakersfield has a tendency to half in value providing great opportunities to by low or double in value giving you great appreciation of equity when it's time to sell high. Bakersfield is also affected by changes in the national market about 6-8 months after the Los Angeles market is affected. This gives Bakersfield investors a last minute warning when it's time to sell. Ideally, you should have already sold your properties about 1 to 2 years before this happens. Real estate follows 7 or 11 years cycles. We're estimating the next high point to be May 2017.

The truth is beautiful no matter where you find it. If this makes sense to you, Los Angeles Investment Club can help you avoid all of the learning mistakes and make a great return on your money. Last year we paid all of our members 33%. We can help you do a rollover with no tax penalties from any type of retirement account. Your funds are 100% liquid, and there are no fees. The minimum is only $10, but many people invest over $100,000. $100,000 at 30% will give you about $30,000 per year of income. We can send you a monthly check or you can let your money compound and grow. We send out statements on the first Wednesday of every month, and there is a minimum return of 15%. So what do you have to lose? That right, nothing!

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